Gorman, TX - Country Living At Its Best!

Welcome To Gorman

    Building upon our traditional rural values and agricultural heritage, Gorman is a community of engaged and open-minded citizens; committed to building cultural and generational differences; supporting and stimulating new and existing businesses; sustaining choice, variety, and quality of housing; working closely with our schools to provide excellent opportunities and facilities for education; and enhancing opportunities for the continued growth of healthcare services. The new attraction of the horse and rodeo industry is welcomed.
     We are a friendly town with simple values. We invite you to come visit one of the most friendliest towns in Texas.

For more information, contact Tacy or Jill at the City Hall:

Gorman City Hall
PO Box 236
Gorman, TX 76454

Office - (254) 734-2317
Fax - (254) 764-2270

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